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Why Become BFA QFP Qualified?

The British Franchise Association’s Qualified Franchise Professional qualification is the UK regulatory body’s recognition that you have reached and maintained a certain level of professional knowledge and experience. However, it is not just some nice letters to have after your name – there are real benefits for you and your company to gaining QFP status.

Benefits for Your Business
A large part of gaining the QFP accreditation is based on having to attend our training workshops as well as other industry events. This can have a genuine impact on the ease of management, efficiency and profitability of your business. How? Within the world of franchising there is naturally a huge breadth of knowledge and experience. Other franchisors, their staff, BFA affiliates and of course our own trainers have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about every aspect of running a franchised business. Both through our training workshops and other QFP events you will gain access to this accumulated knowledge and learn new, practical ways to enhance your business.

This means:

Benefits for You
It follows that if having a QFP qualified team can deliver the benefits described above to a franchisor, having the QFP qualification has a value to you as an individual. Franchisors want to employ people who hold the QFP which of course, will have an impact on your career progression and pay.

From a more practical point of view, the knowledge and techniques you gain from QFP qualification will make you more confident and effective in your work and therefore, make it more enjoyable and rewarding.

Find Out More
To find out more about the BFA’s QFP qualification and how to apply, click British Franchise Association QFP.

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