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The Franchise Training Centre has pioneered and developed training for the franchise industry in the UK for over twenty years. We continue to build on our bank of knowledge, improve our existing training workshops and develop new ones in step with developments in our ever changing industry. The comments below demonstrate that our proven training programmes work and have delegates coming back time and time again for more. If you are going to invest in training, invest in the training that is proven to get results - choose The Franchise Training Centre.

A thoroughly enjoyable day that challenged me and challenged the type of conversations I have with my franchisees. I left feeling excited and enthusiastic about the ideas and opportunities I could use for the Dyno-Rod franchise network.

NS Dyno-Rod

A well-presented day with a fresh structure and outlook on the franchise market for recruitment, retention and development. A thought-provoking day. Thanks.

DE Revive!

A thought provoking day that has made me re-examine how often I review my own performance.

JC Blazes

An enlightening seminar in these dark times. I hope to impart the same enthusiasm into my franchisees.

TC Cafe2U

Excellent content, well-presented and some really good ideas to improve growth and profitability through motivating franchisees. Would recommend it to any franchisor.

LR Sameday UK

Really helped me focus on what we need to do to help our franchisees through the tough times ahead.

MN Nevada Bobs

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the seminar ‘How To Motivate Franchisees’, despite my earlier reservations! I don’t know whether it was the mix of more mature franchisors or whether it was the inspirational topic, but I find it very interesting and have come away inspired! I did find that because it was a smaller group it was more interactive and everyone participated. Thanks again, I shall look forward to the next one!

Anne Griffin, Operations Manager - Tumbletots.

Great involvement for all our support team. It helped focus our efforts for the year ahead.

AD Cafe2U

The preparation and planning resulted in a good mix of franchisors all of whom contributed greatly to the value of the day. I have identified techniques that I can adapt and use from which I can already envisage results being achieved.

AD Dyno-Rod

As always The Franchise Training Centre have provided an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and best practice. Paul's an excellent facilitator for this. It has given me plenty of food for thought.

PS Signarama

I thought the course was a good platform for franchisors to get themselves 'back to basics', share best practice and generally be reminded of their support obligations, something it's easy to forget in strong economic times but which could be a costly oversight in these turbulent times.

CB Blazes

Covered many aspects of the challenges facing franchisees, with a start, middle and end. The 'end' being to introduce a process to support franchisees in a formal and structured way.

SL Blazes

Thanks Paul! It's always good to go back to basics and revisit your current marketing approach. It was great to sit in a room with franchisors who were so open in sharing Best Practices.

MW United Franchise Group

I found the course very useful. It reminded us of our responsibilities towards our franchising group. It was delivered in an interesting and informative way. Paul Monaghan allowed everyone to have their say, this allowed us all to benefit from the group synergy. I will go away and use the new information to help our franchise group. Thanks.

RB Drain Doctor

Finding out about how other successful franchisors are incentivising and growing their sales was invaluable.


It re-awakened previous training and ideas that are now relevant. The course ensured I reflected on our franchise and its processes.

GF Urban Planters

Very Informative and gave me new ideas and the motivation to 'up my game'.

AH Cafe2U

Very interesting, great TOPICS. I have definitely come away with a lot more than I thought I would. Some great things to work on with our franchisees.

PD United Franchise Group

Good Pace, good delivery makes learning of new points and being reminded of points we all know but do not deliver much easier. Happy to be quoted!


A good chance to stop, take a thought and reflect on the direction and challenges within the business in today's economic climate.

TP Urban Planters

Well-delivered, well-structured day. Good mix of people to share information and lots of ideas to take away and action. It helped also to revisit things we knew but had forgotten about. The old 'if you don't use it you lose it!' Thanks for a great day.

CB Drain Doctor

It was great to spend time with other franchisors and hear about their experiences. A thought-provoking day.

JG Halifax Estate Agents

The sharing of ideas session was reassuring as we have used or done a lot of those discussed. Even better was that we took away lots of really good ideas to use immediately.

NW Halifax Estate Agents

Being fairly new to franchising (I have been supporting our franchisees for 1 year) I found the seminar very interesting and thought-provoking. There were many ideas that I would like to trial / implement. Great chance to mix with other franchisors.


An Excellent workshop a real eye opener. I came to this session because I want to introduce a performance monitoring program into the business. I now feel I have necessary foundation to do this.

Morvan Moss - Gallone's Ice Cream

A Very enjoyable day, with good Interaction within the group. Thought Provoking - to go back and review our own monitoring system

Bob Hill - The Camping and Caravanning Club

As usual, a very insightful session. How to understand & motivate my franchisees. I will look forward to putting it into practice.

Catriona Berry - ServiceMaster

Being new to franchising I have found this course very beneficial in how to motivate new franchisees.

Cathy Gallone - Gallone's Ice Cream

A thoroughly enjoyable workshop, which involved valuable input from fellow attendees and professionally presented by Paul Monaghan. Looking forward to the next one!

Morven Moss - Gallone's Ice Cream

Interactive session of franchisors, both new and established, and affiliates members. Good Interaction & thought provoking conversations. It was interesting to do the self-analysis using the leadership questionnaire. I will take this back to my office and use on my team.

Richard Chatten - TaxAssist

Once again, an amazing day of learning to help grow our franchise network!

Desirie Lee - Morris & Co

As always a very thought provoking day

Tyler Smith - Countrywide Signs Ltd

A very Informative & fun day. Many Thanks

Mike Parker - Minster Services Group UK

Thought Provoking & great Interaction with delegates & presenter

Martin Attwood - Countrywide Signs Ltd

The workshop was informative and well delivered as always. Thanks Paul

Steve Bramley - Rainbow International

Very enjoyable. Some good tips. I wrote down 10 actions from the day so excellent!

Steve Bramley - Rainbow International

A fascinating day. Extremely informative & great help both in theory & discussions generated

Tom Meredith - Your FD Franchising

Great refresher & reminder of the need to monitor review & keep up with the times regarding recruitment processes & advertising. Social media is a must to move forward.

Nicola Haythorne - Pitman Training Group plc

A great informative course that was well delivered - Plenty for me to go away and work on to improve our franchise

Chris Palmer - Harry Ramsdens / Boparan Ventures

This is the first Franchise Training Centre workshop I have been on, although I have been in franchising for quite a few years. I found it very Informative, expertly delivered and was impressed with how up to date & relevant the course was in an ever changing area. Many thanks Paul, It was very worthwhile and looking forward to the next one!

Terence Lee - Nudo Shusi Box

A superbly run course Paul's delivery is thorough and detailed. This course has improved my understanding of the recruitment process and has opened my eyes on how my company should approach franchising.

Alex Hinton - Etyres Ltd

Very helpful and a thought provoking session understanding in depth how franchisees should best operate. Recommended for franchisor beginners or well established franchisors

Sussanne Chambers - Sussanne Chambers

A challenging but useful two days!

Heather Hannant - Mail Boxes Etc

I found the course thought provoking and extremely Interesting

Colin Deane - Pirtek

Another great, thought provoking course, as much as content is valued. Enjoyed the conversation and discussion opportunity with other franchisors

Lisa Law - Snap-on-Tools

A great days training with some good discussion

David Balcon - Snap-on-Tools

A very Interesting introduction to the theory and practice behind running a network of franchisee stores. Well-presented and a great group atmosphere which aided learning

Kieran Halloran - Giant UK Ltd

Paul made a subject that could be dry and tedious, interesting and informative. I left with action points to take back to the office to implement.

Sussanne Chambers - Sussanne Chambers

A must attend workshop for all franchisors and their field support staff. Excellent

Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation

Well-presented and extremely informative. Learnt a lot

Richard Loasby - Aspray Ltd

Very helpful as usual. Will provoke steps and measures taken from all the info provided

Richard Thomas - Thomas Cleaning

Very Interesting and helpful.

Alex Hinton - Etyres Ltd

An Excellent thought provoking training session - Thank You!

Heather Hannant - Mail Boxes Etc

An excellent review and guidance of franchisee recruitment

Edward Savory - Leathes Prior

A very Interesting and Informative two days

Martin Attwood - Countrywide Signs Ltd

I found this workshop very Informative and highlighted areas where I should go back into business and revise/review the process

Donna Lucas - Donna Lucas

A very useful and Interesting course which dovetails nicely with what we do with potential franchisees, to help them raise the finance they need to complete the recruitment process. GENERAL TESTIMONIAL - Having now completed the QFP mandatory courses I would like to thank Paul for providing a great series of informative and useful workshops.

Chris Roberts - Franchise Finance

Contemporary thinking, delivered in a positive and proactive manner.

Martin Allison - The Alternative Board

Thorough baseline to start from. Lots of value added nuggets of gold to use going forward

Mike Hanrahan - Maid2Clean

Very Informative. Paul puts a great deal of effort in getting out all aspects of the subject with regular participation of candidates.

John Ball - Countrywide Signs Ltd

Fascinating insight into new processes and mehods of recruiting franchisees. Armed with great opportunity to network with and share experiences with other franchisors.

Chris Wooton - Poppies

All of the Franchising Centre workshops that you attend enable you to leave feeling as though you have gained something that will help within your role of your franchise business regardless or not if you work in that particular area.

Catherine Howard - Little Kickers

As someone relatively new to franchising, found content of the course Interesting. Well delivered and fellow attendees contributions both amusing and valuable in how they recruit franchisees. One of my objectives of course was to meet new franchisors, which proved a great and valuable experience. Looking forward to the next course

Donna King - RBS

Delivered at a pace to learn and absorb too.

Berkeley Harris - WPA

Excellent Workshop, well presented, very informative.

Daren Hawkins - Revive

I found it of great value Having never worked in a franchise business before and this being only my second day. It has given me focus on what to do and put into place

Gary Hewit - D. E Photo

Thank you for another excellent workshop which will stimulate discussion and improve the way we run our field visits

Paul Clegg - Mac Tools

Although this topic is not my particular area of working as part of the management team at head office, I found the course extremely useful to get an insight into other aspects of the running of the business and look forward to the next one in May.

Catherine Howard - Little Kickers

Paul was very Informative and understood the needs of my business and what I have gained from this day is a very clear understanding of the process in making my franchise meetings more effective to both parties.

Kim Pegg - Aspray Ltd

Very thorough session. Challenged current practices, confirmed importance of field visits

Darren Hawkins - Revive

Another Interesting thought provoking work shop from Paul. I have learnt a lot of very useful and usable concepts that I hope to use to improve the running of our franchise network In future.

Leah Stanley - Mail Boxes Etc

A valuable, thought provoking and interesting course. A must for franchisors

Helen Thompson - Kyros

Engaging and Interesting course, well-structured with a good mix of Information. The final case study was great fun and really helped.

Stuart Walsh - Franchise Finance

An excellent Course giving many new insights into the subject and taught with a deep knowledge and passion.

Mike Gatti - Kyros Franchising Ltd

A great course, gives you time to look at your business and assess your practices.

Lisa Law - Snap-on-Tools

Thanks Paul, Really enjoyed this session

Dorian Gonsalves - Belvoir Lettings

An excellent course which was delivered very professionally by Paul with a mixture of knowledge and fun. I would recommend this for all franchisors for their team.

David Williams - RBS

A very enjoyable day. Paul has a relaxed style of presentation which encourages delegate participation. I will be back for more

Terry Mullen - Revive

Even with my 22 years' experience in franchising it is never to late to learn new things - Good value picked up a lot of new things to develop. Thanks

Tim Bowyer - RBS

Great opportunity to review and improve our recruitment process

Paul Clegg - Mac Tools

Pauls presentation was very professional and Interesting I particularly liked the technique of keeping us waiting to know what was coming next ( A bit like a tv show with clips at the end showing next weeks program) He referred to ideas he would be giving us thus keeping our interest going! He made it feel informal and feel able to contribute freely.

Diana Serle - Silverdaze

A good interactive session with excellent preparation. A motivator to do something to change things.

Paul Davies - United Carpets

The course was excellent, well delivered and well worth it. The course was thought-provoking. I took away over 30 tips or points to consider regarding how we can improve things.

Jon Malton - Ringtons Tea

A very well structured course excellently led by a knowledgeable and experienced presenter.

Paul Boniface - Ableworld

Well-structured course, allowing plenty of interaction between delegates

Alan Payne - Dairy Crest

A thoroughly worthwhile day. Gave me many Ideas on how to make my visits more mutually beneficial.

Tony Mills - Signs Express

Thank You, the day has been really interesting and informative. Its great to network with other businesses and understand how they work and to benchmark

Jo Attenborough - Thorntons PLC

A well designed course delivered at a pace which encourages debate among other delegates. Wide spread learning for all

Berkeley Harris - WPA

The Sub-title 'Monitoring Franchisees Performance' is most apt. If we don't monitor performance inevitably the brand will suffer. Every Franchisor should take notice. Well done to Paul and the franchising team.

Tony Marsh - Signs Express

Helped to highlight some of the pitfalls that franchisors face which will hopefully mean we are better prepared as our businesses grow and we embark on our recruitment phase.

Catherin Corless - Lovingly Managed

The Franchise Training Centre courses are essential for any franchisor looking to develop strong networks. This training delivers excellent content in an interesting way and helps challenge current thinking and the best way to support your franchise network

Richard Holden - Lloyds Banking Group

Another great course which will inspire me to introduce an effective review and support process for our network.

Paul Clegg - Mac Tools

A wealth of knowledge and experience delivered with lots of real life anecdotes. Thank You

Paul Boniface - Ableworld

I not only found the course gave me the tools and knowledge but the enthusiasm to go out and do them. Very useful and worthwhile. Thank You

Ginny Murphy - The Wheel Specialist

A very thought provoking course that makes me want to review our procedures,

S Bartholomew - Oscar Pet Foods

Fantastic, Great Interaction between presenter and attendees. Business plan for all franchisees is now priority for next year. Thanks Paul

Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation

Another good course well run and certainly made the grey cells start working! Very valuable for franchisees and their employees

David Williams - RBS

Another Interesting and beneficial course delivered really well by Paul. I would recommend this to everyone in franchising

David Williams - RBS

I Have been in franchising for 20 years and always pick up very worthwhile things that can be applied to franchisor and employee. Excellent Course

Tim Bowyer - RBS

A great day, it is nice to know we are doing so much right, and to have lots of good Ideas of how to correct the things we are not.

Simon Bartholomew - Oscar Pet Foods

Whilst the course is very much focussed on franchisee motivation the theory, etc. can be easily transferred for employees and even family members. As such it is as much worthwhile to affiliates as it is franchisors. The interaction between attendees also gives added value to the course content.

Mark Scott - Natwest

Excellent training session, Provoking thoughts on how to improve and utilise the time spent meeting franchisees

Justin Pearce - Signs Express

Common sense based, practical, pragmatic course. It will help us focus on the format and effectiveness of our field visits.

Jon Malton - Ringtons Tea

This workshop has given us the tools required to have consistency and value in our field visits

Andrew Cutler - Card Connection

As always Paul gets his point or sums up the audiences points in a simple and humorous way. Thanks for the simple process it will help us get started

Tony Marsh - Signs Express

As a potentially large franchisor it was interesting to note what not to do and how to resolve Issues before they become real stumbling blocks for either party. Communication is a wonderful thing and should be used by all parties at all times and for all issues.

Denise Jones - Lovingly Managed

A good day overall. Its great to be with other people experiencing similar Issues. Knowing you are not the only one going through the same issues is brilliant as ideas are generated more freely. I have taken away some fantastic ideas we could put into place within our franchise to motivate and energise our franchisees in turn providing a growth in profits.

Kerrie Regan - Jaspers Franchise

A well-structured two day course. Relevant, up to date and informative. Good value

Barry Slaughter - Crunchers

Basic sales skills and approach to selling provides great tools to use

J Edwards - Care Watch

Good day, Covers essentials in increasing your sales and business.

John Fisher - Business for Breakfast

Great day came away with some good ideas and plans.

Neil Murphy - The Wheel Specialist

A thought provoking session, has heightened my awareness of what has to be done.

Peter Sayles - Signs Express

Good content delivered at a good learning pace.

Berkeley Harris - WPA

An Interesting day that covered many relevant topics.

Andrew Ball - Card Connection

An enjoyable day. Covered a lot of topics which was very useful.

David Miller - Card Connection

The course helped to bring a focus back to reviewing KPI'S and profitability during field visits

Darren Boarman - Rock Solid Granit (Europe) Ltd

An interesting course with a couple of points to consider when back at the office.

David Paulson - TaxAssist

An Interesting range of topics covered with an opportunity to Network.

Neil Chapman -

Good session very relevant

Chris Clarke - Ringtons Tea

Very Interesting and Informative. Looking forward to the next course

P Mitchel - Cartridge World

A most informative day which has given me much to think about? Thanks

David Paulson - TaxAssist

Found the course raised questions and benefited from the workshop approach. High Involved experience from other franchisors.

David Nicholson - Ringtons Tea

Gained a lot of Ideas both from the days and others in the room.

Chris Clarke - Ringtons Tea

A nice introduction to franchising, providing me with a better understanding of the recruitment process of franchisees.

Toyin Laketu - UK Trade & Investment

The course was very informative and Interesting. I felt it was tailored time wise allowing enough time to discuss areas with other attendees but was managed well to keep within the days limitations. Quite a few action plan Ideas that I will relay back to my team and hopefully improve our processes

Natalie Wilson-Leary - The Wheel Specialist

Positive day, good content relative in the real world.

Chris Clarke - Ringtons Ltd

Very useful, some excellent ideas to take away that will help to structure future visits and make them more relevant and Interesting

Carol Davies - Little Kickers

A very enjoyable session. I have picked up a number of good Ideas that I will be proposing we introduce in the future. Thank You

Wendy Buck - ServiceMaster

Always Interesting to hear other franchisors ideas and experiences. Very Good Session

Philip Mitchell - Cartridge World

Very informative and practical workshop with useful ideas from other franchisees.

S Martin - Pirtek

Well organised simple step by step process to de-mystify the balance sheet. I feel a lot more confident with this subject now. Thanks

Andrew Emmerson - Emmerson Development Company

Dearest Paul. Thanks a million for giving me the knowledge and confidence to discuss finance with potential franchisees

M Fenwick - Heritage Healthcare Franchising Ltd

Paul provided a good structure by which to communicate financial understanding to franchisees

Eamonn Byrne - Etyres Ltd

Excellent delivery, Very knowledgeable, Very approachable

Michel Nguyen - Delifrance UK Ltd

Just when you think you know everything, Paul stimulates new learning and great conversations. I love the diploma program. It covers all aspects of the franchise industry and is essential for us all.

Andrew Emmerson - Emmerson Development Company

First class content as always! It will prove very helpful

Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation

I found this day very interesting and the way the course was structured worked well. The input from the attendees is as important as the content

Donna Lucas - Etyres Ltd

Really enjoyed the course, Paul was very engaging and informative. Interesting a worthwhile day out of the office.

Alex Hinton - Etyres Ltd

A key strategy for our business as we enter our twenty first Birthday year. A very useful course.

Simon Hanna - Card Connection

Fantastic workshop, It has given me recruitment knowledge I need

Michelle Fenwick - Heritage Healthcare Franchising Ltd

Very informative couple of days. I have many new ideas after the two days, which I will implement across our website and editorials

Brian Thorne - McDonalds Restaurants

The last couple of days have made me think and look inwards and outwards of the process we use at Pirtek.

Paul Dunlop - Pirtek

Made something very obvious but overlooked come to light. Guilty of not analysing our own copy and see the growing errors! Will be going back with a new approach! Thank You

Lisa Law - Snap-on-Tools

Great content and delivery. Will make a difference in my job. Great exchange with other delegates - questions and best practice. Great atmosphere.

Michel Nguyen - Delifrance UK Ltd

I have obtained the knowledge to review all of my processes and rebuild the majority to allow a modern recruitment process.

Craig Robson - Playtime Nurseries

Very Informative and challenging of current thinking. Discussion group format allows for exchange of best practice ideas.

Eamonn Byrne - Etyres Ltd

Paul was both a very informative trainer and an excellent facilitator which meant that I learnt from other franchisors experiences as well as the planned course content. The course motivated me to review our franchise sales process and gave me confidence in the steps to take to improve it. Thank You

Deborah Stanbury - Monkey Music

Excellent course it really made me think about what we are and are not doing and what we should be doing. I will be discussing and implementing changes.

Sarah Wood - Belvoir Lettings

Excellent, thought provoking session which I will return to base and look to Implement.

Chris Hirst - Metro Rod

Many thanks to Paul Monaghan throughout the QFP process for his help and advice to a new franchisor.

Paul Boniface - Ableworld

Thoroughly enjoyable workshop and absolutely relevant to anyone in a franchising supporting role. Paul creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to learn and share experiences. Thank You.

Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation

Thank you Paul. As always very interesting and challenge to preconception

Eamonn Byrne - Etyres Ltd

A great overview of motivational ideas/techniques, confirming what you already do well and what you could improve.

Steven Peters - Stagecoach Theatre Arts

Really enjoyed the session. Challenging thinking and sharing best practice with likeminded franchisors. Great Stuff

Mat Moakes - Centrica

Excellent seminar with great best practice shared. Paul had good facilitation skills in managing the diverse audience

Brian Thorne - McDonalds Restaurants

Very concise and demonstrated. Good use of the annual business plan

Eamonn Byrne - Etyres Ltd

This was my first course, which I found to be very interesting and want to learn more

Paul Dunlop - Pirtek

Thoroughly enjoyable workshop and shared great ideas with delegates. Paul does a wonderful job of creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for learning.

Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation

Excellent session as always with good content and challenging presenter. Good networking with other franchisors.

Chris Hirst - Metro Rod

An engaging and informative workshop

Tracy Williamson - Ashton KCJ

Super day - Thank You. Very thought provoking

Damien Humphrey - Ashton KCJ

Paul has managed to make it easy and fun to learn about accounting. I'm extremely pleased with what I have taken from the workshop and feel a lot more comfortable reviewing and discussing financial performance

Leah Stanley - Mail Boxes Etc

Very helpful and will enable us to ensure we have a complete and relevant process in place

Carol Davies - Little Kickers

Learned from Pauls experience and the group. Easy Learning and comfortable atmosphere.

Chris Clarke - Ringtons Ltd

Content was relevant, Very helpful expertly delivered and discussion was well chaired.

Tom Acland - Cafe2U

A refreshing Surprise, the course was more informative than expected. Very friendly delivery of content. Made you think, will defiantly go back and plan to put the process in place

Sue Higgs - Telefonica 02 UK Ltd

Informative and insightful with the additional benefit of sharing experiences and knowledge with fellow delegates.

Jon Malton - Ringtons Ltd

Great to validate what we are already doing and gain ideas on ways to improve

Edward Mauleverer - Eds Garden Maintenance

A great day with lots of fab content, not only from the presenter but the huge experience in the room from other franchisors and franchise professionals

Sally Lawson - Concentric Lettings Ltd

Very Interactive and Interesting

Richard Thomas - Thomas Cleaning

Very thought provoking, good Ideas. Informal and friendly setting.

Richard Thomas - Thomas Cleaning

A thoroughly entertaining and usable course. Pauls presentation of the course was extremely informative offering food for thought of which I gained some real practical Insight.

Damien Humphrey - Ashton KCJ

The entire course has been informative and inspirational. Thanks

Tony Bowman - Etyres Ltd

Very Interesting review of the subject. Great to take time out to go through the topic and think about its application in my business.

Stuart Walsh - Franchise Finance

It was Interesting, gave new ideas and prospective on ways of doing things. The interaction between the presenter and attendees makes the course exciting.

Sarah Wood - Belvoir Lettings

Interesting, Informative and productive. A course for everyone! New to franchising or been in the trade forever

Bev Regan -

Great Interesting day with lots of information to think about.

Andy Bull - Card Connection

I found the Make Meetings Count workshop very helpful and will be making changes in a number of things I do.

Andy Bull - Card Connection

I've been involved in franchising for two years and followed our laid down company practice, today has made me consider were we may be able to add value to what we do.

Simon Hanna - Card Connection

This was an interesting workshop discussing ideas with different franchisors and how our company could be smarter at certain tasks. The workshop was informative and helpful

Sarah Wood - Belvoir Lettings

A very insightful workshop with many 'AHA!' moments. Thank You

Richard Wood - Envirovent

Informal, Informative. 6 hours well spent, great refresher

Paul Rayment - Papa John's

It was great to hear from other businesses and get ideas for the company. Paul got all the information from us learning from our business.

Simon Hanna - Card Connection

You think you have covered everything until you attend this - Great day to highlight areas you should but may not deliver within your franchise model!

Nathan Siekierski - Jaspers Franchise

Provides good clear Information in a comfortable productive manner. The Information is rolled out layer upon layer that is a supportive way.

Bev Regan -

Gave me a great Understanding of how franchisors monitor their franchisees and the importance of business planning and monitoring franchisees performance

Donna King - RBS

Informative, Enlightening, Motivating

Keith Fox - Bar Sports

I have 10 action points and 20 discussion points - Very thought Provoking!

Louise Harris - Wilkins Chimney sweep Ltd

Excellent presenter, absolutely delighted that I attend. Had me really think. Content was interesting, useful and well presented. Thank You

Paul Butler - Rare

Another great course Paul. Useful take-away to make a difference in our operation! Thanks Mike

Mike Hanrahan - Maid2Clean

Paul Monaghan showed an excellent understanding on a variety of topics to do with franchising and was able to bring in plenty of real life examples illustrate the points he made

Tim Cook - Business Network International

Enjoyable and Informative day. None of this is rocket science, but to take the time to think how we communicate with our franchisees is of great value

Stephen Murry - PSG Connect Limited

This is a very useful course in that it breaks down a complex subject into understandable bite sized elements. It has challenged me to consider

Chris Hirst - Metro Rod

Well-presented and delivered, I have learned a lot about looking into my franchisees accounts something I have always shied away from in the past

Carol Otway - Gas-Elec Group

A very enjoyable and interesting day. None of this is rocket science, but to take the time to think about how we connect with our franchisees is of great value

Stephen Murry - PSG Connect Limited

Thought provoking and insightful

Edward Savory - Leathes Prior

Very Informative and useful session, Interesting to take some time to think about performance indicators and identifying the warning signs.

Sarah Merchant - Fitness First

Thank you Paul for making me a better franchisor through your excellent workshops

Michelle Fenwick - Heritage Healthcare Franchising Ltd

A great opportunity to consider and share your recruitment process with others in the franchise industry. A very open and informal environment with a thought provoking outcome

Dave Price - Marstons

Thought Provoking!

Louise Harris - Wilkins Chimney sweep Ltd

Run at the right pace. Tutor kept the group together

Jon Keighley - British Gas - Dyno

Really useful discussion on management techniques to drive and motivate. Time to reflect on how this can be used in working life to better improve processes and structure.

Dave Price - Marstons

Thank you Paul for not just providing me with the knowledge, skills and Ideas to motivate franchisees but also the drive to motivate myself as a franchisor.

Michelle Fenwick - Heritage Healthcare Franchising Ltd

Excellent, Informative and interactive

Edward Savory - Leathes Prior

Due to the culture of the business I work In the session gave me a real insight into how to move our franchisees forward. Also helped highlight changes we need to make initially to encourage this change.

Kerry Bhella - The Camping and Caravanning Club

I found the day to be very useful and it helped me to put the whole process in a more structured format.

Kerry Bhella - The Camping and Caravanning Club

I found the day very interesting and thought provoking. I am looking forward to future sessions

Steve Sykes - Dietcare

Excellent Workshop. Extremely useful and came away with lots of ideas.

Caroline Davis - Little Kickers

It would have been easy to stay at the office 'being busy' this was the best and right use of my time. Feeling motivated inspired and ready to take action on the process.

Jacqueline Rogers - The Athena Network

The training program is useful in providing time to review your processes and clarify thoughts about how you can improve the day to day operation of the franchise.

Richard Holden - Lloyds Banking Group

Well-presented and well thought out workshop covering all the key problem areas. Good balance of presentation and group discussion. Learned a lot

Brendan Doolan - Rhythm Time

Great Course, Thank You!

Dorian Gonsalves - Belvoir Lettings

Useful to apply personal experiences into the classroom environment to enable you to question if you are doing the right thing.

Adam Davison - Cartridge World

An Ideas packed session presented in a well-structured relaxed manner. Will leave with a renewed determination to implement changes

Tony Mills - Signs Express

An Informative and thought provoking two days. Pauls enthusiasm for his subject shines through his presentation and delivery.

Tony Williams - Countrywide Signs Ltd
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