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Franchisee Training

A Resource You Can Call On
We offer a range of training for franchisees designed to support the training providing by you. This can vary from small business training which focuses on the basics of how to run a small business through to delivering bespoke training developed in tandem with you.

Why Do Franchisors Ask Us to Help With Franchisee Training?
Our experience and knowledge can be complementary to the franchisor's and strengthen their training package. For instance, a franchisor may be brilliant at training the franchisee how to deliver their particular service, but not have well developed training on how to run a small business. The choices then are to develop quality training programmes themselves in this area, employ a qualified trainer, call in a third party when required or just not provide adequate training, which of course is not a satisfactory outcome. As that third party, we can offer a flexible, cost effective resource for you to call on as required.

Also, it is well established that a message can have more impact if delivered by a new face. The nature of franchising means that franchisors can sometimes find themselves saying the same old things to the same people over and over again. A fresh face using different words can have an impact!

Contact us today to discuss your franchisee training needs – we’ll tell you how we can help and between us build a programme that addresses what you want within your budget.

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Discover how becoming QFP qualified can benefit the individuals involved and the businesses they work for. This isn't just letters after your name, this is training and a qualification that makes a difference to you and your company. more»

Become BFA QFP Qualified

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the qualification for you. The BFA QFP is a great professional qualification and counts towards it, but the Diploma in Franchise Management puts you in an elite class of franchise professionals. more»

FTC Diploma
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" A must attend workshop for all franchisors and their field support staff. Excellent! "
Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation more»

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