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Is training a cost or an investment? A fair question and one that all businesses should ask before training their people. The answer of course, is that it could be either, depending on the type and value of the training provided.

So, let’s be clear – the training that we provide is absolutely aimed at being an investment for your company which will receive a return in the form of your team introducing new practices, techniques, solutions and a level of motivation that will have a direct impact on your revenue and bottom line.

We initially developed our training programmes in the 1990’s from our own experiences as franchisors, offering practical advice for improving franchisor businesses. We have introduced more subjects and all of our training programmes have evolved for over more than twenty years as our knowledge bank has grown and franchising has become more sophisticated, but always with the same goal in mind: to provide delegates with the same practical advice and usable methods that they can implement into the business for an immediate impact.

So, rest assured – when you come on our training workshops it is an investment in your business and if you implement what you have learnt, you will see a return.

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What is
a Workshop?

Mention the word training and some might get visions of sitting in stuffy classrooms being lectured to. Fear not – these are fun, interactive sessions in small groups where you can get involved as much as you like. more»

Franchise Training Workshops

Shall we come to you? If you would rather keep it in-house for any number of reasons, we can provide a wide variety of training for your team on site. more»

In-House Franchise Training
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" A must attend workshop for all franchisors and their field support staff. Excellent! "
Danny Hanlon - Granite Transformation more»

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